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Speaking Schedule:


6/11-14/18 American Bible Society Healing & Trauma Training

7/21/18 Christview Ministries Retreat Center, Eureka Springs, AR: Orality Seminar

9/17-20/18 International Orality Conference, Kissimmee, FL: Orality Seminar

10/13/18 First Christian Church, Eureka Springs, AR: Orality Seminar

10/22/18 Embrace the Nations, Omaha, NE: Orality Seminar

10/29/18 Women's Bible Study at Corum Deo, Omaha, NE: Orality Seminar 

12/9/18 - 3/31/19 City Light Benson, Omaha, NE: Foreigner, Stranger, Alien, & Sojourner

2/6-9/19 Cru Coach Training, Kissimmee, Florida

3/2/19 Westside Church, Omaha, NE: Orality Seminar 

3/8-10/19 Byron Bible Camp in Huron, SD: Heaven's Hospitality

3/15-16/19 Grace Point Women's Fellowship: Heaven's Hospitality

3/21/19 Liberty University: Cultural Engagement Orality Seminar

4/4-6/19 Grace Fellowship Church: Heaven's Hospitality

4/29/19 Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS: Orality & the Arts Seminar

5/18-31/19 Israel BibleTelling Seminar

6/22/19 Iglesia Agua Via, Omaha, NE: Story-centric Discipleship Conference

6/25-26/19 Amplify Conference, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois: Orality & the Arts Seminar

9/14/19 Freemont Alliance Church, Freemont, NE: Orality Seminar

10/3-5/19 ION Conference, Toronto, CA: Orality & the Arts Seminar 

11/8-9/19 Steadfast Church Women's Retreat, Lied Lodge, NE: Rise Up

11/15-16-19 Women's Retreat Worthington, Minnesota: Multiply 

11/25-29/19 Story-centric Discipleship at a Seminary in Ethiopia.

12/9/19 Acts 2 Church, Advent Message

5/1-2/19 Acts 2 Church Women's Retreat, Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center, NE.

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